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Friends of India Foundation is a trust registered in 2010 in New Delhi, India and

 currently operating in almost every region of the country, especially underdeveloped and remote ones.  Our main focus is education, environment, and renewable energy.   

We celebrate Veer Vasanta Utsav in February each year to find the well-wishers of the nation and pay respect to them. Under the guidance of Hon’ble Shri Suresh Prabhu, we have started a program to save and rejuvenate rivers. We organize every year PAD YATRA along different rivers to assess the situation and bring active environmentalists on a single stage in a program MAGADH MAHOTSAVA organized in November each year to prepare a roadmap to solve the problem. With Padma Vibhushan Dr. Anil Kakodkar as an advisor, we help set up the solar power plant in remote areas which have never seen electricity.

We are working to improve the quality of education from the outset in Bihar by organizing basic Math and English classes. We have many success stories in past six years in imparting knowledge to the unprivileged especially from vulnerable communities. We thank all our advisors, team members and sponsors for their unflinching support.


Magadh Mahotsava was held alongside with FALGU MUKTI DAYINI PAD YATRA. Falgu is a seasonal river flowing in Magadh region of Bihar. Water doesn’t flow throughout the year but one can always find water by digging few feets of sand. This river has historical and religious importance and is mentioned in many books like Vayu Puran and Valmiki Ramayan. However, the condition of river falgu has deteriorated due to excessive exploitation and pollution. The Pad Yatra was organized to awake the common people and authorities about the present situation of river Falgu in Bihar. Through this, they connect to a mass living in the Falgu river areas and discuss ways to conserve water and which will again fill the esteemed river with clean water. Sri Chandra Mauli along with his team members took the difficult task of informing the common people in the villages situated on the riverside. They started on an Pad Yatra along the sides of river Falgu starting from Simariya dam Chatra and ending in Pbhari. They visited the river on the banks of river Falgu and discussed the present condition of river Falgu and ways of conservation of water. The people themselves were facing many problems due to the shortage of water and they were ready to do whatever they can do to make the river Falgu again filled with water. They were very enthusiastic about such an initiative and many of them joined the Pad Yatra. In a journey of around 322 km around 100 villages were visited and 30,000 people were informed about this situation.

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