⇒       To develop, establish and implement a VISION with the overarching goal of repositioning the INDIA, as the center of excellence in human endeavor and leadership in all fields so as to renew an rejuvenate the country and restore some of its past glory with a view to enable its people to improve their standard of living, gain economic and social security, and be able actively participate in the management of their affairs for personal as well as community well-being, happiness and fulfillment.


⇒      To provide and spread primary, secondary and tertiary education of any kind including areas like Political Science, Sociology, Culture, Economics, Commerce, Industrial Studies, Agriculture, Water Resource Management, Behavioral Sciences, Sustainable Building Technology, Technological Studies, Medicine, Arts, Fine Arts, Literature, Science, Engineering, Physical Education, Oceanology, Navigation, Mountaineering, Aviation, Space Science, Ecology, Inland and Sea Water Fisheries by establishing and /or by promoting and /or by maintaining research institutions, schools, colleges, Libraries for imparting of all and every kind of education or by giving grants, scholarships and endowments to research institutions, Schools, Colleges, Libraries for imparting such education and for this purpose to promote, start, establish, acquire, organize, conduct, maintain and manage   branches research centers, School, colleges, reading rooms, libraries, laboratories, gymnasiums, workshops, extension projects, technology demonstration field projects, hostels residential quarters and the like with a view to develop ideal citizens.


⇒       To develop projects and funding models for improvement of urban infrastructure and public services and to support sustainable initiatives targeted at removal of urban decay.


⇒       To identify industry best practice and establish benchmarks for improved management of the city including the management of urban and rural waste and to develop and implement sustainable projects in this regard with the involvement of the principal stakeholders and user communities for the creation of a safer and cleaner nation.


⇒          To develop advocacy initiatives and groups to build a sense of pride about the nation amongst its citizens through an inclusive approach that involves all section of society.


⇒          To involve and educate School children and students in civic duties and environment management and other activities included in the object of the trust.

⇒          To work toward developing citizen led programs for the preservation and restoration of heritage buildings and structures and to identify and catalogue the same and to develop economically sustainable models for the management of such assets whether in public, community or private ownership.


⇒           To work towards improvement and restoration of drainage and surface runoff.


⇒     To take up and develop sustainable projects of a forestation and watershed management in the country.


⇒     To develop and implement   a multi faceted program with the vision of building INDIA into a vibrant tourist destination    for all forms of tourism like heritage, religious, cultural, health, environment etc.


⇒     To identify and implement programs for the creation of employment opportunities for the youth as well as others from the spin-off of tourist inflows.


⇒     To promote and develop intra community problem solving capacity and participative self-help in the solving of city community problems.


⇒     To promote inclusion and participation of all citizens of India in the rejuvenation and renewal of India irrespective of religion, caste, creed, race, sex, economic status.



⇒     To work towards the establishment of a nondenominational, pluralistic, cohesive, secular, caring, educated, sensitive, and inclusive society that enables and encourages equal opportunity for all citizens regardless of caste, creed, religion, race, sex or colour.


⇒     To work as a concerned citizens’ pressure group to induce, encourage and facilitate the adequate functioning of civic, municipal and administrative entities for the overall improvement of city life and facilities.


⇒     To work as a citizens’ advocacy and pressure group to represent citizen issues and nation concerns before higher judicial forums through PIL or other available remedies.


⇒     To setup a common platform for other NGO’s, non state groups and institutions and bodies and citizen groups to coordinate their efforts and strategies for common public good.


⇒     To associate with and engage individuals and institutions including professionals and consultants to obtain expert opinion and professional services to further the objects of the Trust.


⇒     To work towards empowerment of village communities including women through activities like self help promotion, local governance, consensus building, mahila mandals, youth mandals and innovative farmers clubs.


⇒     Set up medical facilities in urban and rural areas to train and empower village communities, health volunteers etc. in management of primary health care, child care, midwifery, sanitation and hygiene.


⇒    To develop and improve common property resources including sustainable water resources management, waste management, resources for fuel and fodder, fruit, forest produce, fisheries and other community assets.


⇒     To educate and involve local communities in ecological and environment issues and in the restoration, preservation and management of forest areas including the rejuvenation and restocking of degraded forests and other areas.


⇒     To educate and involve local communities in the restoration, management and maintenance of historical, religious and cultural sites and buildings and to revive old and traditional building techniques and other low cost sustainable low impact building techniques.

⇒     To promote income generation schemes and projects for development of skills and expertise like construction techniques, machine maintenance, tourism management, catering management, preservation and marketing of agricultural produce and marketing of such skills.


⇒     To involve the community and work towards the furtherance of the Objects of the Trust with a view to strategically reposition urban and village communities towards an integrated and participative approach and in achieving sustainable development.

⇒     To assist and help institutions which are carrying on any of the above mentioned activities by helping or subsidizing the circulation of books, periodicals, magazines and pamphlets and holding seminars or conferences, work shops or putting in place field projects, which may contribute to the advancement of any object of the society.


⇒     To undertake fundamental, applied and adaptive research for the above mentioned objects.


⇒     To undertake the diffusion of education of political science in India and the establishment, maintenance and conduct and support for such purpose of training centers or institutions and the employment and support of teachers, lectures and others on such terms and conditions as may be thought fit and to propagate and help the maintenance of national integration, unity and communal harmony. To encourage urban and rural communities to participate in sports and development of sporting skills including martial arts, mountaineering, trekking and other adventure sports with the object of building camaraderie and a spirit of discovery and adventure in order to surmount the divisions created by caste , creed, sex, religion, language etc.


⇒     To undertake the sustainable funding, foundation and maintenance of libraries and reading rooms open to public.


⇒     To undertake the circulation, printing of periodicals, treatise, books and literature of all kinds for carrying out all or any of the aforesaid objects and the award of prizes and rewards to encourage authors, writers and compilers thereof.


⇒     To undertake the setting up and promotion of income generating schemes including religious, health, heritage, ecological, wildlife, adventure, village and other forms of tourism, development of tourism related services and skills, development of upstream and downstream spin-off opportunities for the supply of goods and services related to tourist inflows, development of training facilities for inculcating marketable skills among the local population like cooking, catering management, transport and security services, hospitality industry skills, development and management of inns, sarais, guesthouses, hotels, lodges, boarding houses, household tourist paying guest rooms, market gardening etc.


⇒     To undertake the promotion of research and skill development in urban and rural management.


⇒     To undertake the establishment, conduct and maintenance of public museums.

⇒     To carry on without any profit motive as a part of social and natural science education research in the process of overall development of residents of urban and rural India including reorganization, renewal, reconstruction and revival, encouragement and improvement of urban occupations and life, of village agriculture, handicrafts, folk arts, traditional village industries, agro-based industries and for  such purpose to train urban and village workers and to help them spread the knowledge amongst the community, gain employable skills or to find employment for them for such purpose.


⇒     To provide co-operative education and training for youth in the field of co-operatives.


⇒     To promote and assist handicrafts, indigenous or cottage industries or any other sustainable industries of all kinds including the production of hand- spun and hand-woven khadi cloth for the welfare of the poor through training, research and education.


⇒     To award / set up scholarships, bursaries, loan scholarships, free ships, prizes and monetary assistance and other need based financial assistance programs to deserving students to help them in their studies in the educational, research and training fields indicated above.


⇒     To carry on, conduct, maintain aid or otherwise subsidize scientific research of all kinds, laboratories, workshops for scientific, technical and agricultural research and education.


⇒     To promote the spirit of self-help, mutual help for management and development of community resources and assets, and to help particularly economically weaker sections of the community to develop themselves through research, education and training facilities.


⇒     To start and maintain demonstration and research centers and carry out the work of extension service in areas like agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry and poultry and small scale industry with a view to propagate and popularize modern methods and appropriate technology among the farming  community for the upliftment of the rural community.


⇒     To arrange to supply know-how and also necessary services through community participation to the rural community in order to educate them in water shed management and to construct percolation tanks, lift irrigation schemes, Kolhapur-type Check-Dams, restoration of traditional zero energy or energy efficient micro catchments based water harvesting methods and systems such as the age old traditional ahra-pyne system of irrigation that existed in the region and such other schemes for development or resources of irrigation, water management and improvement.


⇒     To help the poor farmers, landless laborers and such other economically weaker sections of the community by rendering services including research, education and training to enable them to undertake effective Diary and Animal Husbandry activities and other activities to promote house hold income.


⇒     To develop agricultural production and impart to the rural community efficient agricultural knowledge as also demonstration of the agricultural implements including tractor, sprayer, duster, etc.

⇒     To carry out research in dry farming, cattle breeding including stud farms, fisheries, water management and also to undertake extension services in order to enhance productivity of the rural community.


⇒     To check immigration of rural residents and exploitation of labour by providing alternate economic activities through a wide spectrum of rural industrialization and the process of training, education and research as well as specific technology demonstration projects.


⇒     To set up rural litigation and informal and dispute resolution kendras and facilitation centers with object of reducing rural litigation and social tension arising out of land  and other rural resource distribution disputes.


⇒     To finance any of these activities through lawful funding models like charitable donations, development loans, government and public-private partnerships, and levy of user charges.


⇒     To carry out all such other activities which may be deemed incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.


⇒     To carry forward any one or more of the objects of the Trust by extending support to or collaborating with or receiving support from any other Trust, Society or organisation, within the country or overseas which have same or similar non-profit objects of general public utility.


⇒     To carry forward any one or more of the objects of the Trust and to add to and amend, in any suitable manner, the objects hereinabove in order to  keep the focus and mission of the trust consistent with future changes in laws, public priorities, scientific and technological advancement, exigencies of time, contemporary circumstances, changing awareness, concerns and social needs; provided always that such amendments and additions are in harmony with the broad objectives of the Trust and / or serve a wider public purpose.