Friends of india foundation works on a process of change in rural areas, where as it depends on many factors and dynamics,the challenges and opportunities of rural transformation  derive from rural-urban linkages and depend on many sectors inside and outside of agriculture.  Rural Transformation aims at improving rural people livelihood in an equitable and sustainable manner  both socially and environmentally.
Friend of India Foundation think & say that rural transformation can be achieved by creating awareness  among people in public areas using posters,notices,pamphlets,etc…regarding factors like importance of electricity & water, better infrastructure,right to education,job opportunities,their fundamental rights etc. Rural Transformation can also be achieved at personal level too by encouraging people around us like our family members, relatives,colleagues etc… by getting more & more knowledge and implementing them.Not only that Rural transformation  can be achieved by setting up workshops by schools,colleges,offices,private institutions,NGOs regaring  the same factors highlighted.

As Friends of india foundation we works on the improvement of the lives of marginalised communities of India.Therefore Friends of india foundation not only enhances livelihood opportunities but provides relevant information to help reduce risks for rural communities as well.